zines as a loving practice of abolition

a collectively made zine amongst Digital Love Languages students

all the DLL students holding up their objects

This is not a ...

an image of two people sitting on the sand looking out at the ocean. the text below reads 'I understand about being hurt in the past, and if this is what you need, I want to be the one by your side during this time.'

how much of love is imagination? how much of abolition is love?

a picture of two medium-sized tomato plants in dark blue fabric pots on a fire escape


"i'm not tryna go to bed with you, i just wanna dream abolitionist futures in my car" - moses sumney with some edits

AI philosophising philosophy. AI speaking with an alien logic.

Microsoft Bob

This is an artifact called Microsoft Bob

the secret is to really begin...

what shall we put in our zine?

image of a Duracell battery standing up on a light wooden background

This is not a battery. It's a seedkeeping device for the apocalpyse. ๐ŸŒฑ

Image of a yellow flower.

This is not a flower. It's a map to your brain

This is not a cactus ornament. It's an ancient plant that grants wishes if you rub it a certain way ๐ŸŒต๐Ÿ”ฎ.

this is not a piece of chalk

This is not a piece of chalk. It is biodegradable technology. It is a writing instrument that hides its own evidence. It leaves a sign without a signifier. Like an html tag, it will show you its message but it will not show the element that displays it

this is not a pedal, is it a hat?

is not
a pedal,

it might be
a hat ๐Ÿ‘’

But, really,
what even is
a hat?

these are not tweezers

These are not tweezers. These are tools to delicately pluck thought strings from my head.

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